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Showing you the Science

behind our Natural products

Our Promise

To provide you with top quality products made with 100% safe and inert ingredients and absolutely no sulfates, parabens, preservatives, or artificial colours or fragrances.

Flat-rate shipping

on all orders

ALL orders over $75 ship free!

Proudly made in Canada

Standard Shipping Fees:

$13.99 to BC and Alberta

$24.99 to the Atlantic provinces

$17.99 to the rest of Canada and the USA

"Wonderful natural products, that are gentle on your body and smell great. The service is fantastic as well. I will definitely recommend this business to my family and friends!"

Mallory Drake

That's right, we don't use plastic packaging for any of our products, and only use aluminum or naturally compostable materials. We also have a recycling program for our aluminum: return five containers to us, and get a free bar of soap of your choice!

We know there's too much plastic in our world, and we're doing our part to reduce the plastic in your life. We're also working hard to create new zero-waste products. Shop today!




We love to attend local craft fairs, farmer's markets, and trade shows; have a look at our list of upcoming events and come visit our table soon! Have an event in mind that you'd like to see us at? Contact us and let us know about it!

We aren't currently attending any events. Check back again soon!

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