Our Story

   Let us Introduce Ourselves   

Welcome to Natura Soap Company! We are an exclusively family-run business, with just two members: Mikaela Wilson, and her partner, Tim. Together, we work hard to give you natural, chemical-free choices to use in your home. We use all our own products too, so you can rest assured that they've been tried and tested!

We started our adventure into natural soaps during the holiday season of 2014, when Mikaela and Tim somewhat successfully made their first batch of soap as a Christmas gift, and the journey rapidly continued from there.

With a genetically inherited autoimmune skin condition in her family, Mikaela started researching in earnest about exactly what was in conventional skin care products, and soon found healthier, more natural alternatives to the chemical-laden ones that have become commonplace today. However, she also found that they were nearly impossible to find in her small town, and the only option was to make them herself. So that's just what she did.

Things have only gone up from there; with Natura's first sale in 2015, to the launching of their website in 2016, to going plastic free in 2018, our growth has been rapid, and we can't wait to see what will happen next!