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It's Party Time!

Do you love our natural, handmade products?

Are you ready to share your love with your friends and family?

Then it's time to host a party!

It's easy to host a Natura party: simply find a handful of friends (at least 5 people including yourself), and choose a date that works for you. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you to confirm your date and time. We'll also send you a "party kit" with brochures and over $35 worth of free product! As the host of the party, you can choose what to do with these great products: give them away as door prizes, use them as samples during the party, or keep them for yourself; it's up to you!

On the day of the party, Mikaela will come to your house (or call in for a video chat if you're outside of Kamloops, BC), and will give a short presentation about all our great Natura products. She'll take the time to answer questions, give product suggestions, and provide a few great tips and tricks. After the presentation, it's time to go shopping! All guests will be able to order from the website individually, and can use a unique coupon code to get 20% off their purchase! All orders from your party

will be grouped together and sent to the host in a single shipment (with free shipping).

Need an extra incentive to host a party? We also have amazing host and guest rewards:

If the total party order is:

  • over $200: host gets a small gift set ($12 value)

  • over $400: host gets a large gift set ($25.50 value)

  • over $700: host gets a large gift set and all guests who ordered get a bomb or lip product ($65.50 value for 10 guests)

  • over $1000: host gets a large gift set and all guests who ordered get a small gift set ($145.50 value for 10 guests)

Ready to book a date for your party? Please completely fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

*Natura parties are still running!*

Please note: due to Covid-19, all parties will be run exclusively online using a group video chat service of the party host's choice.

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